Marketing Action Plan

Get more sales with your 60-minute marketing plan

This short course is aimed at small and medium sized businesses looking for practical, no-nonsense tips on identify customers more clearly, sharpening up your marketing messages and putting together a simple, effective one page marketing action plan to generate more leads. 

This session is aimed at small business owners and marketing staff who want to get a solid foundation of the basics.

This course is currently under development and will be launched soon!

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9 Lessons

Mark will show you some of the marketing secrets he has learned over the last 25 years and helps you to take simple steps towards an effective marketing plan. This will give you new ways of looking at your ideal customer, identifying and understanding them better.

The course will cover how to produce a ‘Customer Avatar’ to profile your customers, the ‘Benefits Builder’ to write more powerful marketing copy and  how you can put together a simple, single page marketing plan that really hits the mark.

Mark has helped hundreds of small businesses with their marketing and can help you – even if you have never done any marketing before, this session is full of tips you can take away and put straight into practice.